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SSC CHSL 2018 - 9 March asked question paper Yesterday [Updated]**

SSC CHSL 8 March 2018 Asked Question Paper will be available very soon. All students can download and watch the question paper with answer key for Yesterday and today examination. The SSC CHSL 9 March 2018 Question Paper has released, and you can watch it here. The people who are excited to get the question paper of Staff Selection Commission, Combined Higher Secondary Level Exam 2018 question paper must have to bookmark this page.

The dates of Examination are 4 March, 5 March, 6 March, 7 March, 8 March, 9 March and 10 March. After this, the second session will start from 11 March to 26 March for all shift. The three shifts are appointed for the examination. Here are the question and answer key lists. The top questions are FRDI full form is Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance, UDAN full form is Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik, and Bangladesh president house name is Bangabhaban.

SSC CHSL 8 March 2018 Question Paper Answer Key (all shift)

  • World Economic Forum took place?
  • Who was the successor of Mysore Empire after Haider Ali?
  • Who was the first president of the United States? UU Visiting India?
  • Who was the captain of IPL Kings XI Punjab team in 2017? - Glenn Maxwell
  • Who was Britain's prime minister during the 1857 uprising?
  • Which state is the largest producer of rice?
  • Which city is known as the cradle of Indian newspapers?
  • Which article of the constitution was named by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the most important article? Article-32
  • Which animal is declared as the wild animal of Uttarakhand?
  • Where was the first Data State Center in India opened?
  • What state is known by Dandiya Dance?
  • What is the amount of muscle in the human body?
  • What is the Aditya mission?
  • What do you mean by A in AGEY?
  • Solve cosec 30-2 / root 3?
  • One question was related to inheritance and characteristics.
  • One question was related to Blend and Allegations. In what proportion to mix 20% and 50% of the milk at 25%?
  • One question was about Roger Federer.
  • One question was about 2016-17 GDP?
  • Name the place where Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born? - Nankana Sahib, Pakistan
  • Kaylana Dam is built in which neighborhood?
  • If the side of a cube increases by 10%. What will be the effect on the volume of the cube?
  • Find the volume of the hemisphere. The diameter has been given.
  • Find the percentage of profit that the market price of an item is 30% higher than the cost price. Discount values and sales prices were given.
  • Find the length if the area & amp; A width of a rectangle has been given
  • Find the area of the region made by x + 2y = 6, x-axis and y-axis?
  • Define a uniform movement?
  • Calculate the heat? - Resistance, current, time, etc.
  • A question related to the reservation of women in municipal elections.
  • 553: 551:: 447:?

4 March 2018, 5 March 2018 and 6 March 2018 Asked Question Paper of SSC CHSL 2018 Exam

1. What is the other name of Indira Point?
Ans:- Pygmalion Point

2. The Real Name Of Swami Vivekanand-
Ans:- - Narendra Nath Datta

3. The Example of Natural Fibre?
Ans:- Cotton, Silk, Jute, Rayon

4. Who got Khel Ratna Award in 2017?
Ans:- Devendra Jhajharia, Sardar Singh

5. The distance between Sun and Other Planets is Called?
Ans:- Astronomical Units

6. Article/ Amendment of Panchayati Raj?
Ans:-- Article 243/ 73rd Amendment

7. Vedda Tribe Belongs to which Country?
Ans:-- Sri Lanka

8. Prabal Dosti is Joint Exercise of Which Countries-
Ans:- - Indian & Kazakhstan Army

9. The municipality is Mentioned in which Part of Indian Constitution?
Ans:-- Part 9th A

10. Recently, the Motor Vehicle Act was passed reforming which of the following Act?
Ans: 1988

11. SAUBHAGYA scheme is related to which of the following?
Ans: To provide electrical connections to all remaining un-electrified households.

12. At the time of Akbar, the empire was spread in the west.
Ans: Hindukush/Punjab/Sindh/Kabul (Kabul)

13. Which is having acidic nature?
Ans: Metal Oxide

14. Layer under Skin of Polar Bear?
Ans: Skin Fat

15. When is Earth Closest to Sun?
Ans: Perihelion

16. Who was the author of AiholeInscription?
Ans: Ravikirti

17. Who Invented logarithm?
Ans: John Napier

18. The first Indian to win a gold medal at the Olympic?
Ans: Abhinav Bindra

19. Who was the founder of Mughal dynasty?
Ans: Babur

20. Gadhwali is the folk dance of which Indian state?
Ans: Uttarakhand

21. Who is the founder of Agra City?
Ans: Sikandar Lodhi

22. Who is the new chairman of SBI Bank?
Ans: Rajnish Kumar

23. How many Lok Sabha seats in Andhra Pradesh?
Ans: 25

24. Which of these planets are smaller in size to earth?
Ans: Venus-Mars

25. Where is Fatehpur Sikri?
Ans: Uttar Pradesh

26. Official capital of Sri Lanka?
Ans: Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


Fill in the Blank -5
Error Location -2,3
Sentence Imp- 2,3
Direct Indirect -1
Active Passive -1
One Word Subs -2
Idioms -3
Spelling Mistakes -2
Antonyms/Syn -4
Cloze Test -5

Idioms & Phrases -
Cock and Bull story - a made-up story
Go through with perform (an action) to completion despite difficulty or unwillingness.-
Broke up:- Broken
Heal overhead:- To love madly
At-large:- Largely

Spellings Correction -
The committee, Stridency, Abrasiveness, Assassination, Privilege, Acknowledge

Synonyms/Antonyms –
Doleful: expressing sorrow
Forego: go without, give ир
Chase: to follow someone

One Word Substitution -
To observe something - Monitoring
A shopkeeper who sells fresh and green vegetables – Vendor
Belief in many gods. — Polytheism
Things that have been discarded as worthless - Flotsam

Error Detection:
1. (A) My mother made/ (B) the servant / (C) complete the work/ (D) No Error. Answer : (B) Add “to”

2. (A) It is I/ (B) who is responsible/ (C) for the delay / (D) No error.
Answer : (A) Add “am”

3. (A) He has been / (B) enhanced and position /(C) as a result of his diligence and integrity /(D) No Error. Answer : (B) Replace “and” with “in”

4. (A) This errors/ (B) are made/ (C) by foreigners/ (D) No Error. Answer: (A) Replace “This” —with “These”

5. (A) I asked the shopkeeper /(B) do you have change / (C) for a five hundred rupees notes (D) No error.
Answer: (C) Replace “Rupees” with “Rupee”

Fill in the blank –
1. They tried to bribe the peon but he (caught) them.
2.My father is very (close) to me, we play football every evening.
3. Neither Shyam (nor) Rohit came to the school today.
4. When he settled himself on the fork of the tree the writer.......

Find odd Cockroach, mosquito, spider, Honeybee
Answer: Spider

Active/ Passive:

The horse jumped over the fence.
Direct to Indirect:
1) She said to me,” I took breakfast in the morning”.
2) He said, “He took tea in the morning”


1. There is renewed sense (a) / of urgency in (b) / completing the project. (c) / No Error (d)
Answer: (a) There is a renewed sense

2. Each boy was given (a) / a toy as a parting gift, (b) / which made them happy (c) / No Error (d)
Answer: (c) Made him happy

3. My best wishes (a)/ are with(b)/ you (c)/ no error (d)
Answer (d) No error

Impassive (expressionless, unexpressive)
Courtly (very polite or refined)

The mental disturbance caused by illness -

Idioms & Phrases
Sweep under the carpet - To ignore, deny
Wear your heart on your sleeve -To show your feelings openly
To create scene-complain noisily, behave badly
Out of Elbow - to force or pressure someone out of something

Arrogant - Lucrative (profitable)
Correct Spelling-Souvenir

Direct/ Indirect
Rajesh said, “he is going.”
Rajesh said that he was going.

1. By which smallest number should we multiply 69120 to make a perfect cube? । वह सबसे छोटी संख्या बताये जिससे गुणा करने पर 69120 एक पूर्ण घन बन जाए?

2. What is the radius of the circumcircle of the triangle whose sides are 9cm, 12cm, 15cm respectively? एक त्रिभुज जिसकी भुजाए 9cm, 12cm, 15cm क्रमशः है उसपे एक वाह्रावृत बनाया गया तो वृत की त्रिज्या ज्ञात करे

3. Rohan and Mohan together can do a work in 8 days. Mohan and Sohan can do the same work in 10 days. Sohan and Rohan can do the same work in 12 days. Find in how many days Rohan, Mohan and Sohan can do the same piece of work? रोहन और मोहन एक साथ किसी काम को 8 दिनों में काम कर सकते हैं। मोहन और सोहन उसी काम को 10 दिनों में काम कर सकते हैं। सोहन और रोहन 12 दिन में काम कर सकते हैं। रोहन, मोहन और सोहन मिलकर कितने दिन में कर पायेंगे ?

4. A sum of Rs 8000 is lent in two parts. One part is lent at 21% per annum and the other at 35% per annum at simple interests and interest is equal. To find out the interest on each?
8,000 रुपये की राशि दो भागों में बाटी गई है। एक हिस्सो को 21% प्रतिवर्ष पर दिया गया है और दूसरा 35% प्रति वर्ष पर यदि दोनो का ब्याज समान है तो प्रत्येक को कितना व्याज मिला?

5. Find the perimeter of the semicircle which radius is 28cm?
अर्धवृत्त के परिधि का पता लगाएं, जिसकी त्रिज्या 28cm है?

6. If x = 600, y = 800, so x is what percent less than. यदि x = 600, y = 800, तोx,y से कितना प्रतिशत कम है ?

7. The ratio of three numbers is 2:3:5. If the sum of the numbers is 275. Hence, find | the greatest number?
तीन संख्या का अनुपात 2: 3: 5 है यदि संख्याओं का योग 275 है। इसलिए, सबसे बड़ी संख्या का पता लगाएं?

8. A person sells a product Rs 6000 if he gives a discount of 20%. He gets 60% profit so find the cost price?
एक व्यक्ति 6000 रूपए का उत्पाद बेचता है। यदि वो 20% की छूट देता तव भी उसे 60% लाभ मिलता क्रयमुल्य बताएं?

9. After selling a product Rs 1965 loss | percentage is 25% if he sells sit 3031 Rs. Find the profit/loss %?
एक उत्पाद 1965 रू में बेचने पर 25% का नुकसान होता है उसे 3031रू मे बेचे तो लाभहानि प्रतिशत बताये ं?

10. Find Value in Cos 405°?

11. The base of Pyramid having volume 48v3 cc is an equilateral A. If its height is 4 cm, then what will be each side of equilateral A in the base?

12. Length of a wire is 66 m. How many circles of the circumference of 1.32 will be formed by using this wire?

13. Find the solutions of axis of x +y = 4 and 3x + y =6

14. Find the 4th position in 41338?

15. What will be the difference between Simple Interest & compound interest after 4 years on the rate of 10% per year on the principal of Rs 10000?

16. Selling Price of a thing is Rs 39. If its cost price is equal to its
profit percent, find the cost value - of thing?

17. An object marked price is Rs.436. If it is sold at the discount of 10% and 20%. Find the final price?

18. 48 women can do a work in 36 days and 18 women can do that work in how many days?

19. The median of an equilateral triangle is 12cm, find the inradius of an Equilateral triangle?

20. Diameter is 35, Find Circumference of the circle?

21. The diameter of the sphere is 7cm, find the volume?

22. The average of first three numbers out of seven numbers is 15 and the average of last three numbers is 19 and the average of all the seven numbers is 21. Find the fourth number?

23. The ratio of Interest & Principle is 1:6 in 5 years at simple interest. Find rate? In a triangle XYZ, the right angle on Y, cosec X is 15/17. Find the value of cot Z.


1. Select the Related word / letters / numbers from the
given alternatives : (i). 1:8 ::?: 64

2. Donkey: Brays:: Monkey:?

3. Find the odd word / letters / numbers pair from the given alternatives: (i) Option : (A) RGTF (B) MLOK (C) CTES (D) VDZC

4. Choose the correct alternative that will replace the question mark in the given series: DHL, PTX, BFJ? (A) KOS (B) NRV (C) NPS (D) NRU

5. Find the wrong number in the series: 28, 33, 31, 36, 34, 29

SSC CHSL Paper Leak News: There are lots of newspaper and media covering the news related to SSC CHSL Paper Leak. Tons of students are protesting against Paper Leak of the online examination in front of SSC Office Delhi.
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